”We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Winston Churchill

Donate for Daily Wagers and other low income workers, impacted by COVID 19 lockdowns


Donate to support the people at the bottom of pyramid, impacted by lockdowns due to COVID 19

COVID 19 has come out as a Black Swan event, which has impacted millions of people worldwide. Whole world is fighting against a common enemy right now.

In such times, it is a bliss to be at home with family, have food on table and a cozy bed to rest at night.

But other than the virus itself, there is another scary situation for people at the bottom of the pyramid, who do not have the luxury to sustain for months in lockdown. These are the people whom we see all around us every day, these are the daily wage earners, the local chai wala, the maids, the car cleaners, the labourers and many more such workers, who work daily to bring food to their families at home.

For these people, Corona Virus, may be a smaller threat as compared to sitting at home. With no earnings, even if the governments give them food, they do not have any savings for future or for paying instalments for auto loans, car loans etc. This pandemic has much more far reaching impact, that can cripple the economies and the local barbers will be impacted more than the mall owner.

All over the world Governments, social organisations, celebrities and many more such people have been helping out by donating as much as possible, for the larger good.

If you are someone who feels blessed and wants to help out the people at the bottom of pyramid, join us in this drive to raise as much funds as possible for the people who need it the most.

Utilization of Amount Raised :

- 92% of the funds raised will be given out to people impacted by COVID 19 by :

Direct transfer to account in case of loss of earnings,

Payment of instalments of machinery needed for sutaining livelihood (autos, cabs etc)

Cash payment to downtrodden(in case they do not have bank account), Distribution of essentials (rice, pulses, atta etc)

Anything left out will be donated to PM Cares fund

- 5% of the funds will be utilized in managing the operations, transport etc for the volunteers

-3% will be payment gateway fee

Beneficiaries :

We will begin the process from Gurugram and plan to expand it to Delhi - NCR, if enough funds are collected

Our team has identified slum dwellings in areas in Gurugram where the livelihood of people has been impacted and they need help to sustain themselves for the period of lockdown. Once the funds are collected, we will expand coverage to other areas of Delhi-NCR


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