Modern day meetings

Updated: Aug 31

With COVID 19 making virtual working a reality, modern meetings have also gone virtual

Meetings are an essential part of any professional working in office space. They provide a way for the teams to interact, for leaders to to lead and for management to communicate their visions and strategies.

Participation in Meetings

Even though the new Agile ways of working are making these interactions time boxed, according to the AMEX Global Meetings Forecast , the numbers of meetings annually has only grown 5.4% since 2009, but the total number of attendees at these meetings has grown by 22.7%. (

So this shows a clear trend where more and more attendees are joining these meetings to be more productive and for enhancing collaboration at work.

Impact of Pandemic

With the recent pandemic changing the way businesses are conducted,

“Meetings don't look how they used to. Today, planners are racing to adapt to trends that make conferences and events more engaging and dynamic than ever before". (

More and more meetings are happening virtually and leaders all over the world, who have been travelling throughout the year, have realised that Virtual meetings can also be highly effective and much more convenient.

A recent study by BlueJeans found that 25 percent of meetings have at least one mobile video participant on the call ". (

So, virtual meetings over web and mobile platforms have been growing substantially over the years and this can have a profound impact on how business is conducted in future. 

Why do we need meetings?

One question which has always popped up in the business parlance is, whether we actually need meetings on a regular basis. A study was conducted to analyse if the official meetings are actually required and appreciated by the participants.

According to the 2011 study that examined project teams from seven different companies, celebrating small wins can have a great impact on team motivation. (

So this proves that meetings help attendees work together and celebrate wins (big or small) together. They give a feeling of social connect to the people working together, which is very important to boost the morale of employees.

In the challenging times like now, when social distancing will be a norm for unforeseeable future, virtual meetings will work to bring team members closer. This social connect is essential for the colleagues to work as a team, towards a common goal.


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